Berlin tourism, playing music

Catching up a bit, I have put some public posts on Facebook, with photos and videos. Here are links, and also words of some songs we will sing at the Assembly.

  • Fete de la music in Berlin, celebrating the summer solstice, musicians come out into the parks and jam. I brought my plastic didgeridoo and played for three hours with a bunch of Moroccans. They were great! Would be so nice to do this in Australia in summer, 21 December.  I had to saw my didg in half to fit it in my backpack, no worries, as it makes it far more convenient. I made it from a piece of plumbing pipe, with indigenous art glued on from old calendars. The mouthpiece is made by grinding up charcoal and mixing with melted beeswax.  Kreuzberg where I am staying has population density about 20 times greater than my suburb in Canberra, it is nice to be in an urban place.
  • With friends Chung HiuFan Fanny, Pio and Alissa, from Hong Kong, Korea and New Zealand, over dinner in Kreuzberg, before WSCF Assembly. We had a good conversation about why Christianity is so unpopular among university students.
  • Berlin tourism, climbed the dome of the great Prussian Protestant Cathedral and visited the Gauguin South Pacific exhibition at the Art Gallery on Museum Island. Slightly consternated to see so many WW2 bullet holes in the walls and pillars of the centre of the city dating from the Russian conquest. Surprised to see dozens of church spires in the former atheist East Berlin in the view from on high. Enjoyed running there from my hostel.

I will be playing music for the Assembly, piano, guitar, didg and singing.  Yesterday I met Dianet Martinez, from Cuba, conference organiser, to work on the music, and we also met a bunch of people from the WSCF Executive Committee over lunch, General Secretary Marcelo Leites from Uruguay, WSCF Chair Bishop George from India, Fanny from Hong Kong, Paudie from Ireland and others.  Dianet and I went to the Zwingli Kirche where the assembly will be held, quite an austere old protestant church, and so interesting as symptom of the collapse of Christian faith in Europe, built for a world that is now obsolete.

I shared an Australian hymn, Community, by Dave Brown from Brunswick Uniting Church in Melbourne.  Here are the lyrics –

Chorus – Part of a family, interconnected, this is community. Welcoming strangers, visiting neighbours, this gives us dignity.

Care for the earth and sea, we need to keep them free, so we care for the earth and sea. Care for the ones we meet, love is the face we see, when we care for the ones we meet.


Sharing our joy and pain, praying and keeping faith, by sharing our joy and pain. Singing a song of rights, imaging God in life, by singing a song of rights.


Talk to the lonely, bind up the broken, this makes community. A glass of water shared with the thirsty, this makes for dignity, this makes for dignity. This is community

I hope we can also sing the SCM Solidarity Song,  by Saw Mathew Aye from SCM Myanmar

The song we sing not for ourselves,
For those who are oppressed and chained,
Build up a new society,
Let share and feel with them.

Chorus: Come SCMs, unite be one,
Pull out injustice from this world,
Live with people, build together,
One day we’ll reach a new just world.

The way we work not for ourselves,
For those who are oppressed and poor,
Suffer with them and let us know,
That our struggle will win.

The life we owe not for ourselves
Women and men work hand in hand
The unity will triumph,
We share the vision and hope.

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